Moduli isn’t just furniture. It’s a modern, multifunctional system designed to enhance communication, collaboration and creativity. When you choose Moduli, you’re investing in a truly unique system that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

One moment, it’s a coffee table. The next, it’s seating for four. Stack the pieces to turn it into a desk, multilevel surface area or even a shelving and storage column. And if you just want to change things up, you can transform your place just by rearranging the pieces.

Moduli scales to fit various room dimensions, so if you move offices or apartments, your can count on your Moduli to work in your new spot. And its clever storage compartments give you plenty of space to stash your stuff. If your needs grow, simply add Moduli pieces and scale up.

Make people feel at home with configurations that work with any number of guests. Moduli’s modular design lends itself to connection and comfort, making it great for everything from cocktail parties to coworking spaces. 

Made in USA:
Each Moduli piece is designed in Seattle and individually bench-made by artisans at our workshops in Washington and California. We use no automated processes or generic assembly line. Everything from the framing to the final stitch and seam is done by hand. It’s this meticulous construction that allows the Moduli pieces to fit perfectly together, delivering lasting quality and a custom-designed look.


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