Brad Sherman is a versatile artist specializing in industrial, graphic, and jewelry design. His work is heavily influenced by the deconstruction of shapes and the exploration of spiritual concepts.

Brad employs various techniques and materials in his industrial designs to create sleek and modern products. His graphic designs feature an innovative approach, utilizing bold colors and typography to craft unique branding and packaging designs for his clients.

Brad's jewelry designs are his most personal and expressive works, reflecting his fascination with spiritual and metaphysical concepts. His pieces are visually striking and emotionally resonant, drawing inspiration from his deep appreciation for the power of shape, texture, and spirituality.

In 1999, Brad relocated to Seattle, Washington, to pursue a career in graphic design. He has always been fascinated by simple geometric shapes and how they can provide functionality in various environments. In 2013, Brad founded Moduli, which has since become a prominent name in the design industry.

In 2019, Brad moved back to his home state of Idaho, where he enjoys being active and taking advantage of all Boise offers.



Brad Sherman
Owner / Designer

12590 N 14th Ave Boise ID 83714